The Dominion

The Dominion was founded on 22th of August in 2010 by Shaz,
We're a social guild with all a bit of chaos and insanity in our minds which we deploy in game.
Always up for a laugh and also to kill some bosses in raids.



We have a big variety of players from all over the World, all from different ages.
Some have been here for a few months and some have been from the start.
Everyone is welcome as long as you can deal with the insanity!


About us

We are a World of Warcraft Guild from Anachronos/Alonsus/Kul Tiras servers. We are a bunch of crazy, eccentric, lovable and extremely funny people that love to do Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids and PvP, while socializing while doing it. It's really not uncommon at all to hear sing-as-you-progress lyrics in Dungeons while hacking and slashing like there's no tomorrow, happily distributing Death, Mayhem and Chaos throughout.


The Dominion Way!

We are not elitist jerks.
We couldn't care less about tactics - it really didn't stop our progress so far.
We do things our way - The Dominion way!


Guild Roster

We sure know how to pick them out! Take a closer look at our Guild Member Roster and check their statistics and progression.

Don't forget to check their most loony achievements, like the Going Up or Going Down. Also, you might want to see our Guild Achievements and Raid Progress sections.

NameRaceClassLevelRankAchievement Points
MagicblooddBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock110Rank 217460
KargothiTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior104Rank 917660
SweetrevengeBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue110Rank 217900
CristinBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter101Rank 217715
EvilrogueUndead UndeadRogue Rogue110Rank 912665
UglymuggOrc OrcHunter Hunter110Rank 219165
AldarianBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 914125
RaikkoBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 211410
LucylasticTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 219165
ElminderaBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 68135
AxetronautOrc OrcDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 99215
LagwinTroll TrollShaman Shaman110Rank 48135
DéathspankOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 68135
ZaramisTauren TaurenShaman Shaman110Rank 59140
MarizzaTauren TaurenHunter Hunter110Rank 916660
BuhmmerTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 211400
MickibelucciUndead UndeadRogue Rogue110Rank 99205
TsúnamiiGoblin GoblinMage Mage103Rank 219165
ChristinéBlood Elf Blood ElfWarrior Warrior110Rank 217415
TroldruTroll TrollDruid Druid110Rank 217420
MuffinzzTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 66500
SpykezTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior104Rank 66500
ExxTauren TaurenHunter Hunter110Rank 66500
UrzegTroll TrollShaman Shaman103Rank 91750
KargothiiTroll TrollMonk Monk110Rank 917575
CamikaziOrc OrcDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 219165
TempéstBlood Elf Blood ElfWarrior Warrior110Rank 22460
BorndeadUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock110Rank 916105
ExangelUndead UndeadPriest Priest110Rank 916025
LochnessBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 916025
SermesaBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 911850
FinatyrpaBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 99940
AkutenshiBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock104Rank 912330
RaozinTroll TrollShaman Shaman110Rank 912330
MístwalkerTauren TaurenShaman Shaman110Rank 912005
ArchanaiBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 912330
MoolmannekieTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 96865
HalfieOrc OrcWarrior Warrior100Rank 26040
LeeuOrc OrcShaman Shaman105Rank 26850
BielzebubOrc OrcShaman Shaman100Rank 915440
SebastienneBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 119115
CyganBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock109Rank 93995
GoldenearingBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin91Rank 914185
TáwnOrc OrcMonk Monk100Rank 219390
BackinblueUndead UndeadWarrior Warrior71Rank 614020
DementtíaUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock110Rank 219165
MoonsaiBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 912440
BabybatsucksUndead UndeadMage Mage100Rank 914290
EsgalcharBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 616190
BillybonesUndead UndeadHunter Hunter100Rank 912210
EsharcOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 616180
DruidstoneTauren TaurenDruid Druid102Rank 96395
AranuBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock110Rank 616205
AronesBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue101Rank 616485
MujardinGoblin GoblinShaman Shaman110Rank 616205
RatbagsGoblin GoblinMage Mage85Rank 214920
PaisleighBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 219115
AbhorrentOrc OrcHunter Hunter100Rank 214920
DurzolOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 612105
CavillBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue110Rank 219115
RennerBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 219115
GtsuzanBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight100Rank 91405
GobbóGoblin GoblinShaman Shaman110Rank 713135
SeversisPandaren PandarenShaman Shaman90Rank 214920
JamjettyTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 97620
WhitewrightUndead UndeadPriest Priest110Rank 612730
WrightyoTauren TaurenShaman Shaman110Rank 412730
ShammyyammyOrc OrcShaman Shaman110Rank 69125
GgaaraUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock100Rank 913075
MicrödötGoblin GoblinWarlock Warlock110Rank 219335
TyronnBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin85Rank 97025
SílcorGoblin GoblinWarrior Warrior110Rank 916180
ImmadeleteTauren TaurenPaladin Paladin87Rank 913715
SheehanPandaren PandarenMonk Monk100Rank 218835
HappielassieBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 412730
MachikoPandaren PandarenMonk Monk110Rank 616575
BjörnenTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior93Rank 95345
BryaughOrc OrcShaman Shaman110Rank 317050
ColdnarosUndead UndeadDeath Knight Death Knight108Rank 99395
LaocoonBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest100Rank 616565
MissdémeanorPandaren PandarenPriest Priest110Rank 219165
RagnaarUndead UndeadWarrior Warrior110Rank 912190
BelerymBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 912330
TaggenaniaTroll TrollDruid Druid105Rank 92540
EsgalcherTauren TaurenDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 316190
EsgalchirBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 416205
DarnysBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage101Rank 616525
MorwennaTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 616205
LoktharsOrc OrcShaman Shaman107Rank 911295
AbbamageBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 219335
SwipTroll TrollWarlock Warlock101Rank 93130
SahmaniaBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock110Rank 219115
MonkdarPandaren PandarenMonk Monk110Rank 521655
NozileTroll TrollDruid Druid100Rank 913785
ViperotiiOrc OrcWarlock Warlock107Rank 616095
BlondehealzBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 616060
FireballOrc OrcMage Mage110Rank 616075
BlujalkTroll TrollHunter Hunter91Rank 99395
SilverbainBlood Elf Blood ElfWarrior Warrior110Rank 216755
DesstroyerOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 516095
PhantomboyBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 616135
DeadpóólUndead UndeadRogue Rogue91Rank 616045
BárbosaBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight102Rank 616090
ReggaemanzTroll TrollShaman Shaman100Rank 615865
MilkfloatTauren TaurenDruid Druid106Rank 616090
NappyrashUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock100Rank 616090
GoresekOrc OrcRogue Rogue101Rank 115105
ActrosBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 616180
XerusBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight61Rank 214920
GrimtuskTroll TrollDruid Druid100Rank 214920
JetsomBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 219165
ZíppoOrc OrcHunter Hunter110Rank 616090
LeathalBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue102Rank 216440
NerdranUndead UndeadMage Mage110Rank 821300
XtazzUndead UndeadMage Mage100Rank 911800
RiplasherTauren TaurenDruid Druid101Rank 216585
CalamitiTroll TrollPriest Priest110Rank 219165
ShantayPandaren PandarenMonk Monk110Rank 219165
DeathtouchBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock110Rank 216750
CudchewerTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 110730
SorsháTauren TaurenPaladin Paladin110Rank 219165
XesbethBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock110Rank 27330
ElansBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 618405
HelghastelfBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 914010
MeangreénGoblin GoblinWarrior Warrior100Rank 614020
HélénaBlood Elf Blood ElfMonk Monk98Rank 914380
ÎshtarTroll TrollShaman Shaman110Rank 618405
NoheBlood Elf Blood ElfMonk Monk110Rank 618405
HeikoaTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 912225
ShambulancéOrc OrcShaman Shaman110Rank 514020
MinimerUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock110Rank 912525
GalaeyaBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 316775
MidsensaBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest97Rank 95905
TárotTauren TaurenHunter Hunter110Rank 219165
DeathlehemOrc OrcWarrior Warrior100Rank 617315
HairynsmellyTroll TrollMage Mage100Rank 912540
JetsOrc OrcHunter Hunter110Rank 97620
MaqhoBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue95Rank 915855
TántrumTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior110Rank 219165
SiouxecidalBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Guild Master Guild Master19165
ZilvèrBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 618405
VolverBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 518405
SnaleBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock110Rank 618405
TransformérTroll TrollDruid Druid110Rank 514560
UnigateTauren TaurenShaman Shaman110Rank 219165
NightmáréBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 219165
MysteqúeOrc OrcShaman Shaman110Rank 219165
ZomfuUndead UndeadMonk Monk110Rank 912225
NómerçyBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 217460
TérráBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 219165
InsomníumUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock70Rank 910650
FeardotcomTroll TrollWarlock Warlock100Rank 66500
HelsethTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior106Rank 919640
CástiéllBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 117440
TyleroielBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 46030
DiscordianBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight92Rank 913610
BicárdiPandaren PandarenMonk Monk110Rank 217415
PunsOrc OrcMonk Monk110Rank 97865
SarognawUndead UndeadWarrior Warrior100Rank 67135
OrcastrateOrc OrcHunter Hunter110Rank 219335
NoevilUndead UndeadPriest Priest110Rank 68710
MorticiáUndead UndeadHunter Hunter100Rank 219145
RazershotOrc OrcHunter Hunter104Rank 68620
ArcaniáBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 219165
PeevesBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin100Rank 917625
SierUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock62Rank 95935
KisswhereBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 51240
PhyrainaBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 219115
DeathwarriorUndead UndeadWarrior Warrior80Rank 913565
WarzabbaOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 219315
ZabrudahTroll TrollPriest Priest66Rank 911450
DsfsgwiuTauren TaurenDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 615375
FendiOrc OrcHunter Hunter100Rank 615995
BurzümTroll TrollWarrior Warrior110Rank 812020
IndarknessBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 216750
PassmonkPandaren PandarenMonk Monk100Rank 96745
ElkrunnerTauren TaurenMonk Monk100Rank 913755
NécronOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 516135
KeeléyPandaren PandarenShaman Shaman100Rank 216990
TígercryBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter100Rank 99010
SwagathorBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 59115
KronlokUndead UndeadHunter Hunter110Rank 912320
NephillianUndead UndeadDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 912330
ThundaurTauren TaurenShaman Shaman110Rank 911875
HalanyaBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue70Rank 219155
CrithosBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue100Rank 99140
SfeadbfsessdTauren TaurenDruid Druid50Rank 612845
OdellanUndead UndeadMonk Monk92Rank 911450
EucliwoodBlood Elf Blood ElfWarlock Warlock104Rank 99015
NãndoUndead UndeadMage Mage100Rank 98895
SnapchatTroll TrollShaman Shaman110Rank 915295
ChicáBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 217410
PsychóticTauren TaurenPaladin Paladin110Rank 219165
EdwuudTroll TrollDruid Druid100Rank 218825
AbbadeekayOrc OrcDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 319335
ShammeyTroll TrollShaman Shaman110Rank 46655
SluttieBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 415440
DregenBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 811025
ThorondinTauren TaurenDruid Druid102Rank 912240
KharnateBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin48Rank 911450
RowénBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest72Rank 219235
WarpáthTauren TaurenDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 219165
SilverbonezUndead UndeadMage Mage110Rank 217440
DelgrenBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 96330
SaleosOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 912695
NowyourdeadBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight58Rank 93620
SwoggeritUndead UndeadWarrior Warrior110Rank 68870
RaikkuTauren TaurenMonk Monk110Rank 211410
JádéglowPandaren PandarenShaman Shaman110Rank 217715
JavindaTroll TrollHunter Hunter110Rank 616575
RhaikkuPandaren PandarenPriest Priest91Rank 29175
FirenzaBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 219165
LshenBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 219115
LyaasiaBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 616180
DemonikáBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 217440
BadgerelfBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 616090
MayhemsmightBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 116750
NocentBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 618405
SwaginiBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 48870
ThemuffinmanBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 96500
AthelisBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 915855
MinaseBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 918495
SeikatsuBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 96865
LathosBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 67330
HansyuUndead UndeadRogue Rogue110Rank 97865
ParalysisBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 67865
DrunkenninjaTauren TaurenPaladin Paladin110Rank 46510
ZitromaxTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior110Rank 111410
HãdésTauren TaurenDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 66510
KiyzersozayBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 216695
IlaesOrc OrcWarlock Warlock110Rank 67865
AnibusOrc OrcShaman Shaman110Rank 92370
AbbashamOrc OrcShaman Shaman110Rank 219335
KortalaBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 49285
JacobthebossGoblin GoblinDeath Knight Death Knight65Rank 9260
SotexUndead UndeadMage Mage110Rank 911380
CristenUndead UndeadPriest Priest110Rank 217460
SpikeyjetsBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 67620
DyollTauren TaurenPaladin Paladin110Rank 612745
MíndawgTroll TrollDruid Druid110Rank 49125
AmpereTauren TaurenShaman Shaman110Rank 211400
HolypollyBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 77930
DyollblastBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage105Rank 912645
MíníUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock110Rank 69125
SwoggerishUndead UndeadPriest Priest110Rank 69125
BigfunBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage68Rank 612030
AlberiaBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter105Rank 911840
QueltharionBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 912330
ÆøøæBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 99010
AshkelonUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock110Rank 412305
XøøTauren TaurenDruid Druid101Rank 90
PlyschbjoernTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 317020
ManhelsingBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 65935
NarmaeraBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue110Rank 519420
BainchaosBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 216750
SterlingarchBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter100Rank 9220
KortaroBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter105Rank 9430
HaeroismBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 616775
DyollfangBlood Elf Blood ElfWarrior Warrior110Rank 412745
DenisdmenaceGoblin GoblinRogue Rogue100Rank 211450
NausicaäTroll TrollShaman Shaman110Rank 413865
ShivéryBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin54Rank 91660
CatapulgasUndead UndeadHunter Hunter110Rank 513920
LxyBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight66Rank 61590
AnturTauren TaurenDruid Druid34Rank 99960
NandõTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 91670
CasaydeunBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin106Rank 216755
FelmightBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter102Rank 20
HappylassyTauren TaurenDruid Druid110Rank 612730
LerahzielBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 83780
RatzBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 911120
DyóllshótTauren TaurenHunter Hunter110Rank 612745
QoreqUndead UndeadDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 911380
EshkelonBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter105Rank 611785
SkelhealUndead UndeadPriest Priest110Rank 613135
DyollariBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 912745
ZwittBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 911150
EntrailzUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock30Rank 219550
StammelBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 68135
VickillBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 91155
DroopsUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock110Rank 911380
ThugonOrc OrcWarlock Warlock24Rank 913715
EngweenBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage74Rank 68135
LeonïdasUndead UndeadRogue Rogue54Rank 66640
PuressBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 97865
SalasarUndead UndeadDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 612260
CowtipperTauren TaurenDruid Druid40Rank 813770
LegosarsTroll TrollHunter Hunter110Rank 36745
DyollformTauren TaurenDruid Druid102Rank 912745
PyttBlood Elf Blood ElfMonk Monk100Rank 96025
NofêarBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter99Rank 91620
HanzkazanUndead UndeadMage Mage110Rank 36665
EnkidûBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 95935
LightsdemonBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter101Rank 914550
BurntuskTroll TrollShaman Shaman22Rank 216695
HumbabaTroll TrollDruid Druid46Rank 95815
DemondavéBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 613135
BigmommaBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 612650
ZaksUndead UndeadMage Mage101Rank 87660
VendtikUndead UndeadRogue Rogue60Rank 910435
MínííBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 69125
ColdorOrc OrcWarrior Warrior110Rank 47395
ZenashTroll TrollDruid Druid110Rank 612105
HotunTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior76Rank 92675
MeattshieldTauren TaurenPaladin Paladin75Rank 910030
TombaranBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 33700
DrucolTauren TaurenDruid Druid28Rank 97800
BeadybullTauren TaurenDruid Druid100Rank 97820
TillieBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight70Rank 915780
DikkekoéTauren TaurenPriest Priest60Rank 911375
OnatsoeBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue55Rank 97220
KioliaBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 48860
AmericolOrc OrcHunter Hunter110Rank 97885
GolgothaOrc OrcRogue Rogue110Rank 612335
LeylaiBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage9Rank 60
AmabelleBlood Elf Blood ElfDeath Knight Death Knight59Rank 6120
QuistisBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter104Rank 97895
RestonationTroll TrollDruid Druid110Rank 68710
LeylaeBlood Elf Blood ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 41395
BrattiusOrc OrcMonk Monk39Rank 95750
FlammaTauren TaurenWarrior Warrior24Rank 913715
JóshuarTroll TrollDruid Druid110Rank 66330
OzricaBlood Elf Blood ElfPriest Priest110Rank 219275
LeldiaBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter100Rank 60
ShéévaUndead UndeadWarlock Warlock110Rank 413830
RexxeyBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter100Rank 90
BáltházárBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 613890
DhilleBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter105Rank 915780
TemperBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue21Rank 613135
SneakypipsBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue34Rank 612660
OrbytalBlood Elf Blood ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 710770
ManotaurTauren TaurenDruid Druid8Rank 60
DeliliaBlood Elf Blood ElfPaladin Paladin110Rank 61395
TatiHighmountain Tauren Highmountain TaurenDruid Druid20Rank 618405
MuviniNightborne NightborneHunter Hunter44Rank 616190
ShadowlockedUndead UndeadPriest Priest110Rank 713740
NightbáneNightborne NightborneMage Mage110Rank 217440
ShámóóHighmountain Tauren Highmountain TaurenShaman Shaman28Rank 30
VícBlood Elf Blood ElfRogue Rogue110Rank 70
KatalenaBlood Elf Blood ElfMage Mage110Rank 68860
ThralessáNightborne NightborneMonk Monk26Rank 317420
NíghtshádeNightborne NightborneRogue Rogue110Rank 613890
FelbainHighmountain Tauren Highmountain TaurenShaman Shaman110Rank 216750
ChewzHighmountain Tauren Highmountain TaurenHunter Hunter110Rank 919335
NíghtmourneNightborne NightbornePriest Priest27Rank 613810
HealzalotTauren TaurenPaladin Paladin38Rank 60
BcosyNightborne NightborneMage Mage20Rank 618405
KawiiPandaren PandarenMonk Monk110Rank 40
ZusanliNightborne NightborneMonk Monk46Rank 612305
MonkymikePandaren PandarenMonk Monk100Rank 66815
MahariHighmountain Tauren Highmountain TaurenDruid Druid27Rank 60
KodyinOrc OrcWarlock Warlock110Rank 30

Guild Ranking

We're not elitists - not even a tiny bit - and we really, really, don't care about this type of thing, but it serves the purpose to polish our egos a bit. It also shows everyone else that while we have fun, we manage to get things done as well.

WoW Guild Rankings

WoW Guild Rankings

WoW Guild Rankings



Mythic+ Dungeons

Yes! This is something we love to do. We just love it. We do them over and over and over again. We have crazy fun while doing this. We do it while discussing the facts of life, while having something to eat, while whistling, while arguing about some crazy crap that happened to someone. We just do them while have a blast!

Even when something gets pulled by "accident" ...


Weekly Mythic+ Dungeon Affixes

Bursting + Quaking + Fortified

Clueless? Grab more info here



Undoubtedly these are where all the crazy crap happens. One second you're alive, the other second you're flying through the air or trying to escape a friggin' rock that doesn't allow you to get back tanking. Yes, it did happened before. It's unclear if it'll happen again, but while we're raiding, who the hell knows what can happen.

Do make sure you take a look at our Raid Progress videos, just below.




Progress Videos

Since we're not an elite's guild our progression may be different / slower than others, but we replace that with the fun we have.
Check some of that progress out down here! (Click on the image!)

DISCLAIMER: The language in the video's is not meant for everyone, if you get offended by it please turn it off

LAST UPDATED: 30-11-2017


Guild Store

Are you a Guild Member or a Guild Fan? We are actively building our online Guild Store. Be sure to check back soon!


Look us up in-game and apply to Guild. We'll contact you back for details.